25 thoughts on “Cardiff City FC 2010 vs Blackpool Bluebirds Wembley Play-Off Song – James Fox – Flying High”

  1. there new ground is much bigger iv been to then both and i love the new one as soon as u go in you feel the energy i was at the cardiff vs ipswitch game last month as we where in wales for a week but i live near edinburgh

  2. Swansea oh Swansea oh citay city take me to the north bank till the day I die take me to the vetch field way down by the sea where I will follow swansea Swansea citaaayyyy

  3. C’mon Blue Birds get promoted we deserve it we got Bellamy and Rambo now make it count!

  4. Good Luck to City this year 😀 We deserve some hope and we aree still flyyiinngg high 🙂 lol

  5. England 1 – Wales 0. Typical Cardiff, fall at the last hurdle again. They lost the FA cup final, lost against Blackpool and there’s no way there gonna get promoted in 2011.

  6. WOW every time this guy writes a song about us doing good at wembly we lose. Never write a song again mate until we win.

  7. hahaha muppet ccfc till i die and yeah every english team !!!! rather be a sheep shagger than a gypo now fuck off

  8. Like you i am a HUGE! bluebirds fan and i went to see them at wembly and the playoff semifilnal in the family just behined the goals were the peanaltys were being take.
    anyway i have also bought a season ticket for season 2010-11.

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  10. yeah every team fears cardiff and wales ohh nice 1 pal lol your a joke cardiff suck ur fans are shit no1 is scared of u welsh cunts go back to shagging sheep u faggot

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