18 thoughts on “Cardiff City Finally Get Craig Bellamy.MPG”

  1. Thank you Mancini!! -from a Liverpool supporter that is happy we have a chance to win silverware this weekend, thanks to a class player like Bellamy 🙂

  2. Tom Heaton – Free
    Danny Drinkwater – Free
    Chris Riggot – Free
    Naylor – Free
    Olifinjana – Loan
    Koumas – Loan
    Keogh – Loan
    Bellamy – Loan

    ‘Splashing the cash’?

  3. Kevin McNaughton:- “Yeah, it’s good, hopefully he can do a job, just wait and see what happens”!!

    Dangermouse’s sense of humour is unrivalled, fair play to the man.

  4. I can understand how this may look to ‘non cardiff fans’ but this is purely down to Craig wanting to play for his home club, rather than us (hopefully) splashing out huge amounts of cash. Man City didn’t want to loan him to a rival and Craig himself has stated on many occasions that he wanted to play for Cardiff?

  5. he’s totally right – cardiff are a bunch of crookes. i hope they dont go up, and go bust to teach them and the rest of football a lesson in reality!

  6. What about all of the unpaid bills (milkman, pieman ect) when murderwell went into administration in 2002? Get them paid Boyle ya trumpet!

  7. And how many people did he leave in the lurch when his airline Zoom went tits up? And he put Motherwell into administration? Hypocrit

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