Cardiff pushing for promotion

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock said that his side would be pushing for promotion next season.

He said that this season had been a preparation one and he believes now he has the necessary players to challenge for promotion.

He admitted that this season had been a tough one, and things have not gone as he has planned, but he believes that he has learned to understand the players better. Indeed Neil Warnock only took over at the club in October 2016, and he will be hoping that this time around he will have the freedom to sign the players he wants.

He said that he has already identified some players that can strengthen the team and that negotiation will start as soon as the season is officially over. He said that if you want to win promotion in the Premier League, you will need to find players that can fight physically on the pitch.

He said that football in the Championship is so much different from the Premier League and that the players should be ready to play a physical match twice a week. He believes that possession football, as well as technical football, does not really have a place in the Championship and he will need to buy players that can fight on the pitch.

Warnock said that it is also a good thing that Newcastle United has won promotion to the Premier League as this was putting unnecessary pressure on the club. Given the fact that both teams were relegated from the Premier League, there was a tendency for people to compare both teams in terms of results. He said that now that Newcastle has been promoted, the players will not have the pressure and will have more freedom to express themselves on the pitch.