Cardiff legend Craig Bellamy is drumming support for fellow legend Kevin McNaughton as he is set to get a farewell on Sunday.

The former Liverpool star has said that deserves the same kind of send-off that the fans of the club gave him.

Both soccer stars played together for three years, helping the club get promoted to the top flight. Bellamy was happy that they eventually got what the fans always wanted and McNaughton was very pleasedas that was his dream from the beginning.

Whilst the fans also adore McNaughton, he never received the kind of response Bellamy got when he resigned from the game as there was never the chance. He moved from the club to Bolton Wanderers and also played for Inverness.

Both stars are going to manage different teams this weekend for McNaughton’s benefit match at Cardiff City stadium. Hence, Bellamy is drumming up the support.

“Kevin didn’t have the chance to say goodbye and he deserves this benefit match on Sunday. He dedicated a lot of his career to Cardiff City. I knew that match against Chelsea was my last and when I was substituted and walked off Jose Mourinho came over, gave me a hug and said: ‘You are a champion.’

“It felt right to end it there. That was me done. If I had gone out onto the pitch again it might have spoiled the moment for me. Naughts didn’t have the same opportunity and I hope the fans turn out in force to pay their respects for a good human being, a humble man who gave everything he had for Cardiff City,” Bellamy said.

Bellamy reminded fans that it was players like McNaughton and Mark Hudson that helped them win the title and gain promotion. He proceeded to advise youngsters to emulate the player particularly his work ethic and team effort.