25 thoughts on “Cardiff City top 20 goals, 2007/08 season”

  1. Jimmy Floyd’s goal vs Wolves was just like Nathan Blake’s against Man City. Quality.

  2. its weird how many long range goals come about in the championship and how rarely they come out in the premiership.

  3. Thanks for this – it’s put me in a really good mood (before we lose at Pride Park later today!).

  4. Really glad the welsh fuckers didnt get into the ENGLISH top flight!

    We’ll all have a nice day out in Blackpool next season woo!

  5. I’m a Millwall and Cardiff fan.

    Cardiff – PLEASE beat Sheffield Wednesday. Hopefully, if you win – that will send the filth down. Remember last year, they beat you on the last game of the season, denying you a play off place. And, the filthy northern scum cheated against Millwall and got us sent down a few years ago.

    Come on Cardiff – Send the filth down.

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