25 thoughts on “Cardiff City goals, goals, goals”

  1. Andy Campbell cost us £800,000 when we thought we had money to blow Steve. Arguably I would say that the one goal against QPR was worth that fee alone. He did score a few while he was on loan (2 against Blackpool on his debut for instance) that swayed Lennie’s hand. Lennie often played him on the wing instead of up front too. Was he a legend? No chance. Did he score a vital goal? Oh Yes. I loved Stant but would put Carl Dale above him.

  2. lmao, ok you tell me what Campbell did for Cardiff apart from that goal against QPR and as for legend lol Phil Stant is a legend, Campbell isnt and will never be a legend lol

  3. what you mean did nothing for the club!!!!!!!!!!! 1 man 1 goal 1 promotion. campbell is a legend.

  4. lol it was Andy Campbell that scored the goal in the playoff final not kevin Campbell lol apart from that goal he done nothing for the City!

  5. @bluediff97 – Paul Millar, midfielder. Fans used to sing ‘Paul Millar my lord, Paul Millar’ to the tune of Kumbaya.

  6. such great memories- so many great players, Cardiff in more recent years have adapted well to the chamionship constantly losing there homegrown & star players -yet still come back fighting strong, Kevin Campbell scoring in the playoff final was amazing – ive never felt such a good atmosphere around cardiff as then not even when they were in FA cup final. it was a shame they off loaded Campbell after all he got them to the championship ?

  7. loving it CCFC forever keep the faith lads, jason fowler an absolute ledgend anyone know what hes doing now?

  8. takes me back to when i first started watching with delany/ jason fowler/ nugent/ big john williams. Then one season wonders like winston faeber at 3:53. great days pre sam hamam era

  9. tony frillyskirt was a cracking player… I remember him scoring a goal for Bolton that was similar to one of the greatest goals ever scored….. the famous frank worthington goal bolton ipswich.

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