25 thoughts on “AMAZING VIEW of Craig Bellamy first goal for Cardiff City!”

  1. conway is a decent player but if you thing hes going to “replace” or be anywere near bellemy your going to be dissapointed my friend

  2. Amazing … One of those ‘I was there’ moments! … At the start i was just to right of the screen near the front … By the far the best moment of the season (at home) for me!

  3. hope he comes back, the only mistake mancini has made, i think if we had him as an impact substitute we could of challenged for the title.

  4. Craig you will be at man city soon! 🙂
    i hope cardiff had enjoyed him :’)
    he is a greath player 😀

  5. Craig you will be at man city soon! 🙂
    i hope cardiff had enjoyed him :’)
    he is a greath player 😀

  6. he plays on the left wing. has been upfront about 3 or 4 times, he’s much better off on the wing though

    our normal strikeforce is bothroyd and chopra

  7. just fill me in lads not been following the champ this year, does he play with chopra or bothroyd? did he get injured? how longs he out for

  8. you seriously think johnson is crap
    you don’t know what being a good winger is then

  9. Need him Cardiff, Give us him back. Have u seen who’s on our wing now ?
    Johnson- SHIT and Milner-SHIT

  10. Dude, your Kenyan, go represent the kenyan league (fuck knows if they have one) this is the one thing i hate about united fans, they’re glory hunting pricks and the atmosphere would be so much better without them, like when i went to manchester united vs barcelona in the semi final at old trafford, there were no snobby foreign cunts like you who just sit there and don’t say nothing.

  11. please dont stick up for ronaldo bro. nobody likes him. i bet his own kid will grow to hate his self centered ass for raising him without a mom. he is the worst sports figure in the history of sports. end of story. i would rather have bellamy in my team than ronaldo any day. AND I DRINK EAT SHIT AND SLEEP MANCHESTER UNITED everyday. Thank God messi is 22 because ronaldo will never see a Ballon D’or award ever again. FUCK RONALDO.

  12. Knowone compares to God, Manchester United can’t afford to dump a player, thats why we sold him for 80 million which makes him THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLAYER IN THE WORLD, you have no right to talk down on him, he’s better and worth alot more than you.

  13. you talk like ronaldos a god ??? you mean the guy who thought he was bigger than man united ??? Untill man u dumped him lol

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