25 thoughts on “Tiger – Craig Bellamy wonder goal cardiff v swansea.”

  1. swansea good team but the fans are a bunch of gypo’s who sing fucking rugby songs!

  2. I have done a video about my predictions and stats for the Npower Championship fixtures on the 19th – 20 November. Please check out and leave a comment of what you think. thank you. 🙂

  3. hahah it’s funny cuz we are premier league and you in championship ;D who are ?

  4. The video is of the goal…. AND IT’S FUCKING SIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!


  5. I must admit it…that was a fucking beat of a strike and it kills me to say it but who got promoted you fucking twats!!!!!! hahahahaahah no manager, no bellamy, no chopra or whittingham! you fucked now!! lololol CUNTS

  6. then what im i watching??? someone making a prick of himself so im doing it.
    yeaaaaah thats it.

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