The Cardiff city manager Malky Mackay has said that he is looking forward to a relentless run from his team in the next few matches, as they target promotion automatically from the Championship. Cardiff city have come extremely close to getting promotion to the Premier league, but have failed on each occasion in the last few years at the play-off final. However, they are now looking favourites to win the Championship, which will guarantee them promotion to the Premier league automatically. After the splendid 4-0 win over Burnley during the weekend, the manager Malky Mackay said that he wants a relentless from his team over the next few weeks.

Cardiff city came into the match against Burnley having lost just one match in the previous four. Now, they have extended that excellent run to just one defeat in the last five matches. It has put them three points clear over Leicester City at the top of the table. Even though the Cardiff manager acknowledged that the team should not get carried away from the early season form, he has said that they need to put in another great run over the next few days in order to give some advantage over the chasing pack.

“If you start thinking like that you’ll get carried away. We’re up there after 13 games, which is fantastic. We’ve got to keep being relentless, keep being monotonous, keep working hard, keep studying the game plans, keep looking tactically at the opposition, train to a certain standard and the games will chop off. It’s a relentless league – I’ve been in it for years. It’s unforgiving and there’s a lot of games to go,” Mackay said after the Burnley match. The club will be facing the former Premier league opponents Bolton, who could have a new manager, next weekend.