23 thoughts on “QPR 2 – 1 Cardiff.. 2nd goal of QPR by Adel Taraabt ! Atmosphere on the stand”

  1. Do you a Bomb as in a bomb in your mother ASS? Just curious! Please let us know how her ass is doing? Ha Ha Ha Ha

  2. Wow, is every football crowd like that nowdays? Cause that’s disgraceful what the QPR fans were doing. I’m not saying that the Cardiff fans don’t do it but they’ve probably spent quite a bit of money to go there and support their club, and they get stupid teenagers and grown men making rude gestures at them because they scored? Not true supporters in my opinion.

  3. wheres your precious bothroyd gone now!!you fucking mug!!oh yeah he’s gone to a proper club QPR.LOL HA HA HA adel taarabt helped to keep you in the championship and helped spark a mass exodus of the cardiff city squad and for that i thank him!!whether he goes or not it does’nt matter HE GOT US WHERE WE WANNA BE AND WHERE YOU WISH YOU COULD BE!!! Fuck off to the welsh league where you belong!!!!SWANSEA are a much better team than cardiff!!fact!!

  4. fuksake guys taarabts a muslim and mittals and indian in shepereds bush which is a very multicultural area in the most multicultural city in the world

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  6. haha someone looks like a twat now dont they. shove your points deduction up your arse, enjoy getting stuffed in the playoffs, and enjoy being in the championship again. lets face it, cardiff havent got the minerals for the prem, you bottle it all the time. we’ll send you a postcard. GUTTED.

  7. The nutmeg Wonderboy Adel will shine in the Premier League next season !!! Rio Ferdinand, Kompany keep those legs closed lads !!!!

  8. WHERE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, WHERE TOP OF THE LEAGUEE, 15 POINTS SHORTER, WHERE NOT IN THE LEAGUE lol qpr got fucking pimp slapped by bellamy and bothroyd in round 2, tarrabt will leave qpr next season due to your points deduction) lets face it, without him YOUR ALL FUCKED. lol

  9. i saw myself in the stand opposite where the camara is, im to the left of the pillar, the abnormally white part of the crowd

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