17 thoughts on “Portsmouth FC v Cardiff City 28/08/10”

  1. great video man was there was a good day outt good luck to you in the new season hopefully we will go´╗┐ one step furtherr ­čÖé

  2. @jb9191 Premiership´╗┐ for Cardiff? Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You must have meant SWANSEA!

  3. @jb9191 Are you sure? We will finish above you no problem, you will choke in the Play´╗┐ Offs as usual. Oh and your managers a nonce hehe. PUP

  4. @Kingsway91 LOL are you lot still going on about that> The clock didn’t mean fuck all to us you can have it if you´╗┐ want lol. PUP

  5. @pete1201 Thanks mate hope to share some videos with all if I can manage´╗┐ it.

  6. @tungstenblue I use a piece of software called Powerdirector by Cyberlink. Google it . it is very sophisticated´╗┐ but I only use a few features on it. There are 1000’s of special effects you can add to your film if you desire.

  7. Hi Mate
    Excellent vid How do youcombine all´╗┐ your individual clips into 1 as you have done on this vid

  8. good vid. they should give u a job, because the usual camera angle for tv is terrible. good like with´╗┐ the admin rubbish. /o o/ /o

  9. cheers pete1201, not the usual bias we´╗┐ get against cardiff usually –

    Good luck for the season, hope it can pick up for you.

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