25 thoughts on “Craig Bellamy 10/11”

  1. @SwanseaCityVideos You can clearly see that Bellamy was playing left-midfield most of the time…

  2. he’s still got it, lets hope he’s useful for Liverpool, get Carroll some goals

  3. Best thing about craig is,he can do the unexpected,much like suarez,nogt as good yes,but he has the ability to win games on his own,like suarez and Gerrard.And thats what we need more of.Great signing!its just sad this break had to come.getting bored this entire weekend,cant wait for our trip to stoke,and then gerrard back at tottenham hopefully,good times ahead!!

  4. Amazing pace and a killer boot ! People say he is 32, I reckon he outplays many 26 year olds. Welcome to Liverpool lad, YNWA

  5. Amazing pace and a killer left foot ! People say he is 32, I reckon he outplays many 26 year olds. Welcome to Liverpool lad, YNWA

  6. 0% the Price of Rooney. Probably not as good but we have Suarez for that? Great cover and better than Ngog.

  7. @samlandon345 oh yeah sorry,got a bit confused.beckford is the one who just went to leicester yesterday from everton.

  8. @2UNIQUE yeah,seen him quite a bit,he didnt play as well as he did in 09/10 season in which he was amazing with city,but thats mainly down to not many quality players being in him team,but hell yeah he’s still got the legs,plays like a 18 year old.and his pace is still frightening.One thing that has changed since he was with us is his decision making of the final ball.He crossed very well for beckford all of last season.Should help carroll.And him and suarez,Thats a fuck amazing duo

  9. amazing ability and talent sometimes his temperament lets him down hopefully kenny will sort that out

  10. Anyone seen him play a full season with Cardiff? Has he still got the legs? Was it 09/10 he was playing on the left wing for City? He was outstanding creating chances and getting behind defenders with his pace. Scoring a good few to. Always showed up for the big matches also like United and Chelsea and laying it on the plate for players. Hope he gets to play left at LFC and Downing can go right but with interchangeable play so can switch and also with Suarez like we have done so far. +Backup ST.

  11. @TheGamePotato
    Gerrard, Suarez, Downing, Adam, Bellamy, Agger, Aurelio

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