25 thoughts on “Charlie Adam Free Kick Goal Blackpool v Cardiff Wembley Championship Play Offs”

  1. UNBELIEVABLE ENTIRE CLUB is getting demoted for a one day late check plz come and check out my channel and video

  2. UNBELIEVABLE ENTIRE CLUB is getting demoted for a one day late check plz come and check out my channel and video

  3. “charlie adam!! the 500,000 pound signing!! scores in the richest match in football!!” :D:D

  4. wow talk about glass houses, who’s the Chelsea centre back and England captain who’s been CRIMINALLY charged? Oh and there is even FOOTAGE of him saying “fuck off you black cunt”, yet you are going to call Suarez a racist when even the panel that gave him the ban said it was a language mix up? When did any Liverpool fans chant anything racist? ONE fan last week who was arrested, yet a few weeks ago the Chelsea fan(s) sang “you know what you are” to Anton Ferdinand.. your a clown

  5. oh clearly.:L , Liverpool’s really going to shit isnt it? a racist cunt attacker banned for 8 matches, stewart downing arrested, your fans being inbred cunts shouting racist chants.

  6. no, but you must be being a Chelsea fan, you can’t even buy your way out of trouble these days ha ha

  7. judging by your video feed you are a Chelsea fan; now who should I single out from that team this season as far as mistakes go? The John Terry mistake to let Van Persie in? The Lampard misplaced pass from just a few days ago? Cech and his horrendous pass to Mikel to give away the ball to none other than Charlie Adam? Or should I open up the bag of worms that is David Luiz? All that and I haven’t even got to Fernando Torres yet!

  8. What the fuck you on about? Besides score winning goals and forge a great midfield partnership with Lucas? Clearly you only watch football on Match Of The Day.

  9. yeah. shame it’s not though. because he didn’t do it for liverpool.
    ‘nor has he really done anything good for liverpool since he joined.

  10. thats abit racist u twat just because they’re welsh doesn’t allow u to critisize them u fucking cunt so u sit the fuck down u fat thick shit low life scum :/ if god really loved us he would strike u down

  11. Great player & true blue Rangers fan :), shame he wasn’t played in position at Rangers, really do wish him the best though – some of his play is unbelievable, he deserves his big move to Liverpool and Blackpool really have done alot for his career.


    Charlie Adam : BOOM. Sit the fuck down Sheep Shaggers!

    Love it.

  13. this actually made me smile big time, isnt he just amazing? comes out the championship with big interest then makes a lasting impression the following year

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