25 thoughts on “Bellamy’s debut goal Cardiff”

  1. ha ha one dislike got to be the sad jack at the bottom of the comments who got nothing else to do except hide behind his screen trolling cardiff vids on youtube


  3. Bothroyd’s got a lot to do on his own… Bellamy, Ramsey,  BELLAMYYYYYY!!!! GOAL FOR CARDIFF!


  5. and it’s bellamy in the 85th minute, he shoots and score’s 0-1 Cardiff Bloooooooooooooooooobirds

  6. “And it’s Bellamy one on one with De Vries …… He’s missed!”

    Cardiff 0-1 SWANSEA.

  7. I’m a United fan, but I don’t see why what club you support matters… Bellamy is a class player, and anyone who says that was not a class goal is lieing.

  8. you kidding me? bellamy was the best player on city other than tevez. fucking christ man

  9. @irishdan2007 cause i know him. and what news report is this your paedo cunt. is it the fuck a 14 year old report? you fag

  10. well according to news reports his son is a leading goal scorer, so how is he shit?

  11. To everyone who thinks he has left city he hasn’t, he has just gone on a season long loan and will be back. I really like bellamy but I hate to say that he isn’t good enough for city’s squad anyway anymore :/

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